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Verena vom Adel Haus

Vreni is my five year old black and red girl. She is a gorgeous girl with a full show coat. She is 24 inches at the shoulder and weighs 70 pounds. She is from two Schutzhund titled German imports. At only 7 months old she passed her CGC. She is also a registered therapy dog. She is a happy and easy going dog. The queen of melting hearts with her expressive, deep brown eyes! Vreni has amazing maternal instincts. As well as being a loving and wonderful mother to her puppies, she has fostered orphaned kittens and raccoons. Anytime another female has puppies,  she is the loving babysitter and tenderly cares for any baby. She is amazing with little kids and and gently watches over babies. She has produces three litters so far and each one has been beautiful and had wonderful personalities that make their owners very happy. She is a true sweetheart that passes her good genes on to her puppies. Vreni’s OFA evaluation showed her hips to be “good” and her elbows to be “normal”.

Verena’s OFA certificates

Verena’s Pedigree

Verena’s Online Pedigree:

Verena’s Online OFA Records:

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