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Retired Dogs

Robey vom Lynnholtz, BH


Robey is now retired from breeding.

Robey is my 7 year old male German Shepherd. He is a rich black and red with a beautiful, full, show coat. He is a grandson of World Sieger winner Lasso von Neuen Berg. Son of Shutzhund titled German import, Ike vom Amur. Robey is 26 inches at the shoulder and weighs a lean 80 pounds. He is a very laid back and intelligent dog. His favorite game is for you to throw his ball and him retrieve — which you will tire of long before he ever will. He is a very loving boy, and is loyal and protective of his family. Once you earn his trust and friendship, it is there for good. Gentle with small children and baby animals. Yet when strength and protection is needed, he is always there. I really can’t say enough about this boy. He is just one great dog! He just received his BH title and we are working on our Schutzhund I. Robey’s OFA evaluation showed his hips to be “Good” and his elbows to be “Normal”.

Liesl vom Kuckucksland


Liesl is now retired from breeding.

Liesl is my 6 year old black and tan girl. She is a high energy dog with super intelligence and a lot of play drive. The personality of this girl gets me laughing all the time! She knows no stranger and always has a happy face to show anyone. Liesl is a very athletic girl that is 26 inches at the shoulder and weighs in at a lean 75 pounds. Liesl’s OFA evaluation showed her hips to be “good” and her elbows to be “normal”.

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