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Past Puppies


Hi Ava, We hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!  We sure did…the boys are at a good age to appreciate the true meaning.  They still received way too many gifts, though!
Shylo is doing great!  I would say he is completely housebroken…he will go to the door and cry if he needs to go.  He travels with us everywhere, loves the car, and is well mannered at our families’ houses.  He is polite and doesn’t jump up on people.  We are still working on the mouthing, but I would say he’s 90% better.  We are enjoying the training process, and are looking forward to a well behaved dog!  Al’s Mom gave us Cesar Millan’s 2nd season on DVD, so we’ve been watching that a lot lately.  We really learn from him, mainly what not to do!  Most of it is common sense, but we’re still learning!
I’m sending a couple of pictures, taken just 1/2 hour ago.  The funny thing is his ears…over the past 2 weeks or so, they’ve been taking turns standing.  One would stand, the other would be floppy then vice versa.  Literally overnight, they are now both standing!  He’s looks adorable, and we had to share.
We’ll be in touch very soon…Al is in the process of making a video that he’s going to send you.

Thank you and take care, Julie

10 week old Shylo

Shylo at 18 months old.

Hi Ava,
Here are some pics of Emma at 6 months (some you may have already seen…I can’t remember what I sent). She gets bigger and bigger each day. And more stubborn too!! 🙂 I look forward to being able to spend more time with her outside although she loves hanging in the house with Jada. She gets to spend the weekend with “Grandpa” next weekend when my mom and I go to Galena. She can hang out with their lab Luke though, and she loves that. The other lab in these pics is my brother’s 6 month old puppy, Coal. They had a lot of fun at Easter wearing each other out. Hopefully it will stay nice and dry up a bit so I can bring Emma down to work with her.Talk to you soon and take care, Sara

Hi Ava,
Hard to believe that Emma is 1 today. She is such a ham. She got a few new toys and a peanut butter rawhide to celebrate the occasion (and entertain her while I did homework :)). She is still growing like a weed a starting to fill out a little more. I only get decent pictures of her in the house as she never slows down outside. She found a frog in the backyard yesterday and it was the funniest thing. She’d put her nose right on top of the frog and then it would hop and scare her. I wish I had the video camera out there. She is a gorgeous girl and such great company. I’m so thankful to have gotten her after loosing Khia. I hope you enjoy the pictures. And feel free to stop by and see us any time you are in Davenport. I am working second shift right now with Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays off. Otherwise, I will try to get her down to see you before winter and a new batch of puppies 🙂 Take care, Sara

Emma at 14 weeks old

Emma at 8 months

Emma and her half brother Zeus.

Ava, I wanted to take a minute and send you some pictures of Hobbes. I’m sure you’re more than glad to see pictures of him…he’s growing so fast! He now tips the scale near 33 lbs or so and averages about 4 or 5 lbs in weight gain per week; he won’t be my little puppy for much longer! He’s developing a coat of red, tan and almost silver, which I’m sure will even out with age, but for now it is very nice. The picture of him with the squeaky ball you gave me is the latest picture, taken today, so you can have a reference as to how big he has gotten. Hobbes as been to Chicago twice already and loved his big-city experience at my sister’s place, having found a large pillow to pull to the ground and claim as his temporary bed for the night even though he had his own bed…but people things are just so much better I guess (picture is attached of this.) He had his first encounter with snow the other day and absolutely loves it. I tire of being cold and wet in the snow long before he does and he often chases the snow kicked up by his HUGE paws and zooms around the yard. He has a hedgehog toy that squeaks, oinks and rattles and it is his little baby, they usually do everything together. I included a picture of he and his baby, he’s using him as a pillow at the time. Potty training is going well. He has his accidents sometimes but I am trying to get him to be more vocal in letting us know when its time to go outside…he’s not much of a barker. He does bark at the toilet bowl scrubber, of all things. While its in its holder he goes absolutely crazy barking at it, I have no idea why, but he does not like it and its quite funny to watch. He had his first trip to PetSmart yesterday and everyone complimented about how handsome he was…and how big his paws are! Even with all the excitement and distractions he was well behaved (for the most part) and was a little gentleman and listened to my commands to sit, etc almost immediately. He is extremely obedient and very, very intelligent. I was able to teach him to lie down and shake all within the same week. He and Emma have played numerous times and it’s like putting two  bulls into a china shop. They love seeing each other and both cause mischief together (Emma more so than Hobbes sometimes.) I’ll try and get some pictures of them together the next time they play. Well, I’ll let you go. I just wanted to let you know that Hobbes is an excellent puppy and I look forward to the many years I have to spend with him…its nice to have him around and be so happy to see me when I come home from work and be showered with whining kisses! I hope all is well with you and that you had a merry Christmas and will have a happy new year! If you would like to see him for a visit, let me know, I’m sure that’d be fun…even get Emma out as well. Well, I can’t see my “trouble baby” at the moment so I’m sure he’s getting into something, so I will forward more pics later.

Take care, Shawn

Hobbes at 14 weeks

Hobbes and Emma at 9 months old.

Dozer wanted to say hello to you on his first birthday today! Hope you are doing well! We are going to the vet this morning to have a check up. He doing really well and a very good boy! We enjoy and love him so much. Thanks for bringing him into the world for us! ~ Laurie

Dozer at 1 year old

Hey! I was so excited to see your web page. I love going to it and looking at it when there is a litter of puppies. Now I can do that again. yay! How have you been? We’re all doing great down here. I can’t believe Ava is almost 4! Wow has the time flown. Our neighbor just got a new golden retreiver puppy. I am so jealous. She is so cute. I want another puppy so bad, but my mother doesn’t agree and neither does Ava when I get home from seeing the pup. Ava is so jealous and just wants to be petted! I guess following the puppies on your blog will do. I’m amazed how alike Sieg (Brian and Courtney Johnson’s dog: Ava’s full brother) and Ava look. I see him quite often. He is a Beautiful dog. Ava and him have exact markings. Sieg has bigger paws than Ava and is also longer and bigger. They also act very similar, all because of your dog’s awesome personalities! I noticed on your page the last picture of Ava on the past puppies is from when she was 11 months old. She still looks basically the same except she is even more gorgeous! I attached some pictures! Enjoy! Friends, Kendra

Ava at 4 years old

Hey, I haven’t sent an update in a while. Dirk is so cute! He absulutely loves the snow. I am sending a picture of him and ava soaking up the sun in the snow. It is so cute. They are great friends! One of dirk’s ears is up for good, but the other he is still working on. He is such a good boy and wants to please all the time. I am in love with him. Hope all is well with you and your family. Friends,Kendra

Ava at 5 years old and Dirk at 8 months

Kaleb at 9 months old

Hi, Ava,
Here are a few recent pictures of Sheba.  She is very active, and we would like to know if there should be any restrictions on how much exercise she should be getting.  Are there some activities that are better than others for a dog her age?  She loves to play ball and would do it all day long if we let her.  Jennifer has been working with her on some obedience skills such as heel, come, and sit – stay at a distance.  Do you have any other suggestions for skills or exercises to do to help keep her stimulated but not do too much physically for a young dog?
I hope all is going well with you.
Thanks for your help.
Take care,
Lori and Jennifer

Sheba at 1 year old

Niko at a 9 months

Dutchess at 5 months

Joey at 3 years old

Jack is doing great, we will send more pictures soon. Can’t believe he is going to be 2 already on June 6th 2010. Thanks for the e-mails, Jack is 85 pounds now and as you can tell he is worn out in this picture here because he has just got done with a session of chasing his favorite toy…….his red kong. He gets playfulness no doubt from his Dad Robey because Jack just loves to play non-stop. Hope you are all doing well and I promise we will send more pics soon.

Jack at 2 years old

Jack at 6 months old

Here is a picture of our pup that we received from you about 5 years ago now I believe. We could not be happier with him, my wife and children would not know what to do without him! Oh, we named him Sieg. Thanks again, Brian

Sieg at 5 years old

Ava, Just wanted to send you a few pictures of Boiler. He has been, and continues to be a great dog. He now weighs around 100 lbs and is as gentle as can be. The personality test you did when they were puppies was right on, he has the best temperament. Our three kids love him as if he was a brother. He lives like a king! His health has been great and he has shown no signs of hip (or any other) problems. ~ Cindy

Boiler at 2 years old

Heidi at 6 months old

Ava…it was one year ago that I came up to your place to pick up Abby. Aug 12, 2010. I cant believe its been a year already. She has matured into a great girl. We are inseparable. I take her everywhere. Ive even taken her into the local Wal-Mart. She is great out in public. I cant tell you how proud I am of her and how much I love her. She loves children. I take her past a local pool and playground to see the kids almost everyday. Everybody around here knows Abby. She is a bit apprehensive of tall men or guys with beards. She is friendly with everyone. It just a little longer for some guys. And get this…on the 4th of July I took her to watch the local fireworks display. She liked it. Although after 4 or 5 she lost interest and was more interested in chasing bugs. She does bark too much. I call her Miss Barksalot. I took the attached picture yesterday. I see on your blog you plan to breed Ella. She should have awesome pups. Although…she wasnt too regal the day I was there. She had been playing in the mud. Hope things are going well for you. Best wishes…Mike

Abbey at 1 year old

Ava, Hope you are keeping well.
We thought you might like to see a photo of Sigi now that she is turning 6 months old. She is doing well — she has stopped nipping but is still very mouthy when she wants attention.  Our main issue right now is getting her to pay attention to us outside (with distractions) but part of that I’m sure is just puppyhood.  I take her for a long walk/training and play time in the park almost every day and there is always a lot of things going on for her to observe and people to meet.  She is very friendly and everyone always comments on what a beautiful dog she is. If you are coming to the Pekin area any time soon we would really like to have you give us some lessons.
Take care,

Sigi at 6 months old

Robey Jr. at 3 years old

Heinz at 2 years old

Ava, Yeah….he can be a BIG baby!  He whines while the girls run the cold water on his leg in the bath tub.   He puts his head on their shoulder and just whines…then he whines when they have him lay down to put bandages on.  It is cute. Oh…one time I was having Justice, my 3 year old, help pick up the front yard.  There was a stuffed animal in the yard and I told Justice to go get the little elephant as I didn’t want it outside.  Bo knew exactly what I was saying because he went over, got the stuffed animal and brought it and dropped it at my feet…HE IS VERY SMART!!! When it was hot out he would come in and immediately go to where the air came out. He is a sweet dog! The flesh on his leg is almost completely covered w/ skin now, we are almost done with the bandaging!…..He is funny because we had his balls put up for a long time because he couldn’t play sooo….he would bring us his water bowl, a toy of the kids..ANYTHING for us to throw..ha!I’ll get a pic of what his leg looks like now. Kim

Bo at 2 years old

Ella at a year old. With her mother, Vreni.

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