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Health Guarantee

Health Guarantee

As a responsible breeder, I believe that a combination of health, temperament, looks and intelligence is what makes the perfect pet.

While I do believe that hip dysplasia is primarily genetic, there are things that we can do to help our dogs in their growing stage to develop strong and healthy hip joints. Hip dysplasia is believed to have three contributing causes: genetics, over feeding, and too much exercise at a young age. This means that new owners can assume a great deal of responsibility in seeing that their dog develops good joints as they are growing. Puppies should be kept on the thin side. Carrying too much weight at a young age is going to add stress on soft puppy bones and is believed to have an effect on the skeletal development of a young dog. New owners need to be very careful NOT to over-exercise their puppy causing stress to growing joints. Young bones do not entirely calcify until 12 months of age. Overstressing joints at a young age can cause joint problems such as hip dysplasia.

Puppy Health Guarantee

General Health

1. I guarantee that the health of each puppy is excellent to the best of my knowledge. The puppy will have been examined by my veterinarian and will be up to date on vaccinations and worming by the time it is picked up by the new owner. There will be written records given with each puppy of worming dates and vaccination information. I will provide a written guarantee for the puppy’s general health for 48 hours after the purchase. For the buyer’s peace of mind, I advise having the puppy examined by his vet within these 48 hours. If the vet finds the puppy unfit for sale during these 48 hours, the puppy may be returned at the buyers expense for a full refund. Unfit for sale on account of an injury sustained or illness contracted after the sale of the puppy does not qualify.

2. All puppies will be A.K.C. registered and the new owners will get their papers to be sent in after they choose a name for their puppy.

Puppy Hip Guarantee

1. I provide a guarantee for the hips of my puppies to obtain an OFA certification of Fair or above by 24 months of age provided the following conditions are met:

a) The dog must be x-rayed and the x-rays submitted to OFA for evaluation at 24 months of age.

b) The dog may be x-rayed and submitted to OFA for preliminary evaluation before 24 months of age. However, if the preliminary x-rays show a mild or borderline dysplasia, the dog must be re-x-rayed at 24 months of age and resubmitted to OFA for a final evaluation before the guarantee is honored.

c) The dog has not been abused or involved in any type of accident where bones are broken or bruised.

d) The dog was provided with a proper diet and moderate exercise.

e) The dog must NOT be bred.

f) The dog must be kept on the thin side and NOT overweight.

g) I have been provided with a veterinarian report of medical history and the OFA report.

h) You have NOT taken your dog running or done other joint stressing exercises with it until it is over one year of age. Things that stress growing joints include: exercise on hard unyielding surfaces, continuous running, repetitive jumping, training in competitive dog sports, or any activity that may cause injury to young bones.

i) When the dog is x-rayed, it is done so without sedation or at the most a light sedation (the dog needs to still be somewhat awake and alert to what is going on so that they can have muscle tone when the x-rays are taken) by a competent and experienced vet who knows how to do it with the dog held properly and evenly.

2. If the above conditions were met and the dog is deemed dysplastic by OFA you can either:

a) Keep the original dog and get a replacement puppy from my next available litter of the same value.

b) Keep the original dog and get half your original purchase price back.

This guarantee applies to the original purchaser only and is not transferable to a second party.

Only one replacement is given. All replacements are final. Replacement puppies are not transferable to any other party.

No replacement/refund is honored after 26 months.

All veterinarian costs are the buyers responsibility.

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