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Six Week Old Puppies

February 17, 2012

Red-Collar Male is Still Available!

These past six weeks have flown by so fast! It seems like these four were just born yesterday, and now they are big and rambunctious pups!

They each get time alone inside with me during the day. Potty training on all of them is going really well……no accidents with any of them so far! Tonight is their last night with their mom, Ella. Weaning has been going well this past week with her being taken away from them during the day and with them at night. They are all eating their dry kibble really well. They are weaned to Purina Proplan, Large Breed Puppy Formula.

They will go in to the vet a week from Monday to get their vaccination and health exam.

Pink-Collar Female SOLD

Bold, happy, talkative girl. She is a very outgoing and people pleasing. Black and red in coloring.


Purple-Collar Female SOLD

The sweetheart of the litter. Reminds me of her grandma, Vreni.  Black and red in coloring.


Black-Collar Male SOLD

Strong, confidant, and laid back male. Black and red in coloring.

Red-Collar Male

Happy, strong,  rambunctious, and more dominant boy. Black and red in coloring.

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