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December with Ella

December 2, 2011

Ella is sleeping alot these days, which is a good sign for her being pregnant. I’ve been boiling all my turkey bones for broth and freezing it. In preparation for when puppies come and Ella will need encouragement to drink as much as possible. She is sniffing my pot of broth right now asking for a little bit this morning. 😉

Ella very much enjoys trips in the car. Even if she is in there for many hours, she just loves it. She likes to look out the windows at everything and everyone. She especially loves sticking her head out the window and feeling the wind blow. 🙂 Whenever I leave the car, she will keep her eyes fixed on wherever I went. When I come out from a store, I will always see her head up over the seat looking for me. She is a loyal girl. 🙂

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