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Ella Ready for Breeding

September 30, 2011

Last week Ella went in for her final set of X-rays on her hips and elbows. I take all my dogs to Dr. Link in Madison, WI to get their x-rays done. He is able to read them there and tell you what OFA will evaluate them as. I then send them off to OFA to get my certificates. Ella is good on hips and elbows as her preliminary x-rays had shown! Yay! She also got a negative on her Bruccelosis test. So she is pretty much ready to breed just as soon as she comes into heat! She is due to come in early November. 🙂

Ella went with us on a camping trip after all her tests. First time camping for her and she had so much fun! We took her down to Starved Rock and she enjoyed climbing all around and taking in everything new. I love how she takes new things and challenges on with such eager interest and willingness to learn and explore! She just never shows fear or timidness and loves to meet new people of all ages! Hugs from kids are an especial love. She just smiles and licks. 🙂

Ella and her favorite toy. She never hurts him, just gently chews and licks him. He gives off a growl when squeezed and I think that is why she loves it so much. 😉

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