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The Puppies at Seven Weeks

January 10, 2011

At seven weeks old these guys are getting huge! They are going in for their vet appointment for vaccinations and check up on Wednesday. They are fully weaned onto Proplan, Large Breed Puppy formula. All growing really well and healthy and hearty little things!

Running in the snow.

Puppy play.

Purple Collar Female.

The regal German Shepherd…..Purple Girl.

Red Collar Female. The largest and strongest of the litter. Not highly dominant, but very sure of herself and not afraid of anything or anybody. She has very dark and beautiful eyes. Also has the most black on her face. She will be a very striking dog.

Orange Collar Female. She is a sweetheart. The spitting image of her mother as a puppy. Gentle and tender of heart. Soft.

Pink Collar Female. This little girl has the most amazing and gentle expression in her eyes. She is a loving girl with a little more energy.

Purple Collar Female. This little girl is the most friendly and people oriented puppy I have ever had. She absolutely thrives when she is around people. A natural social butterfly that is the first to happily come to me when called.

Purple Collar Female.


Blue Collar Male. Tiny Tim has found a perfect home for him. He will be much loved and cared for. Being a dwarf puppy, he may have extra needs as he matures.

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  1. Kate W. permalink
    January 17, 2011 2:39 pm

    You get some great shots of them, Av!! 🙂

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