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Selling Liesl vom Kuckucksland

January 1, 2011

I am selling my five year old German Shepherd, Liesl. I need to downsize with my dogs so am looking for a new home for her. Liesl is a proven producer of puppies. She has had 18 beautiful puppies. She is very healthy and young yet and will be able to be bred for at least a couple more litters if anyone is interested in doing that.

Liesl is a black and tan girl. She is a high energy dog with super intelligence and a lot of play drive. The personality of this girl gets me laughing all the time! She knows no stranger and always has a happy face to show anyone. Liesl is a very athletic girl that is 26 inches at the shoulder and weighs in at a lean 75 pounds. Liesl’s OFA evaluation showed her hips to be “good” and her elbows to be “normal”. Liesl is a more dominant female and does well with submissive females or other males. She does the best when she is by herself for then she focuses on her human and isn’t distracted by other dogs. She has a ball drive that is super! Will play ball all day and is very fast and sharp and learning new tricks or training.

Here is where her online pedigree is:

I am asking $900 for Liesl at this time.  Call me at 309-721-2949 or email me at if you are interested or want to talk about this girl.

Liesl. Beauty in the snow.

Liesl at 2 years old.

Liesl as a tiny puppy snuggling with her best friend, Robey.

Doing obedience training.

She has excellent eye contact and is a joy to train!

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