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Growing, and Growing Fast!

October 6, 2007

Here they all are at one week. Who would guess it would be so hot in October! Been in the 90s for a couple days now. These poor guys were all panting in the back porch where Liesl and the whelping box are. So I loaded them up in the laundry basket and brought them nearer the air conditioning to cool off.

Blue Collar male is looking quite relaxed and happy here. He is the smallest of the nine at 1 pound 6.5 ounces. But he doesn’t think he is the smallest! He is growing just as fast as the others and quite the feisty guy at pushing in there to nurse.

I think he is going to be a black and red guy.

This is my sister Helena’s favorite one. Black Collar male that she named “Wilson” for the eight weeks that the puppies are here. We watched the movie “Castaway” the evening these guys were born. If you have ever seen that movie, then maybe you’ll understand about “Wilson”. Otherwise you will remain clueless. 🙂

Not sure yet if this little guy is a tan or red. We shall see with time.

Now this guy (Red Collar male) is reminding me of his father, Robey. A nice deep black and red with the promise of a nice show coat. His personality seems like Robey’s…….but then it is a little early to tell. 🙂 Him and Orange Collar male are close to a tie for the biggest so far. This guy weighed in at 2 pounds exactly this morning.

Purple Collar female. The largest girl. Seems to be a laid back little sweetie. Not sure if she is a tan or a red yet. We shall see in a couple weeks when her color comes in more.

Robey and Orange Collar male. He is the largest guy at 2 pounds .5 ounces. Another one that really reminds me of Robey in how he looks. Has the deep black and red with a nice coat. Also a nice big masculine head on him.

Liesl is a little cautious of Robey being in the same room with her puppies. She gives Robey the “eye” and he respectfully keeps at a little distance. She doesn’t growl or otherwise get upset though. She really has nothing to worry about with him. He is as gentle as a kitten with his “kids” and would not think of hurting them. But she is a good mommy that is careful of her babies.

All of the puppies have pretty much doubled their birth weight. That is a good sign and means they are thriving and their mommy is giving them plenty of milk to grow on.

The puppies should start opening their eyes next week. Then soon after that, their little ears will open up and they will be able to hear things.

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  1. Katie permalink
    October 6, 2007 9:53 pm

    Great Job, Av! Love all the close up of the puppies. They are so cute!!! I am glad things are going well. I love the wrinkles I can see on Orange Collar’s face. Simply Adorable 😀

  2. Holly Sherrill permalink
    October 16, 2007 2:18 am

    We are interested in a puppy & I must say I love the way you are documenting their progress…the comments are so cute & informative! Thank you for posting such nice bulletins.

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